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Versatile customer satisfaction survey tool. Features include real-time status updates, negative alerts, audio recordings etc.
Know your customers’ perceptions in real time. When a customer survey is completed, the results are entered into a real-time web portal called SatisACTual™. SatisACTual ™ also provides the capability to listen to the actual interview recording.Real-time status, notification and alerting are features of SatisACTual. SatisACTual provides a closed-loop capability for learning of customer issues, addressing them, and providing solutions. SatisACTual responses to surveys are searchable, downloadable and available 24/7.

SatisACTual can notify users when a response meets pre-set criteria, such as a low rating, a response from a key account, company, or a particular product. When the results fall within pre-set parameters, it can be used to escalate cases requiring attention by another level of management. Responding to the alert within a set time and resolving it will prevent the case from being escalated. Customer issues can be followed via SatisACTual, which includes a log for tracking and closing issues.