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The traditional method of data collection is very tiring, time consuming and expensive. There is a need for effective data collection mechanism which leverages technology to produce authentic data and removes hassles involved in field data collection like excessive consumption of time, money spent on paper, lack tools measure authenticity of the data, lack of tools to eliminate errors etc.

A study from economic times indicates that “three out of every four Indian businesses plan to use tablets and mobile computing by 2012 end”. This signifies the demand and need for tablets and associated services in businesses. Dattab™ aptly targets this need and bridges the gap between the traditional methods of data aggregation and the desired real time information flow by companies.

Dattab simply means data on a tablet PC. It is a data-collection mechanism which leverages technology with its application encapsulated in a tablet PC. As a technology based product, Dattab offers a platform that can easily replace traditional method of data collection for a significantly lower cost and time. It revolutionizes the data aggregation, warehousing and analytics. In India where the internet penetration is hardly 10%, Dattab comes as a right choice for businesses to reach out to remote and rural areas with electronic devices and collect information successfully.