Strategic Partners
Our key partners produce various components of the technology solution that enable the provision of services to remote locations:

Provider of accounting and ERP software that will integrate with the applications developed by Inclusive to ensure seamless, centralized control and reporting.

Provider of mobility platform on which most of the front-end of Inclusive’s software is developed. The tablets that are developed by EAFT have been prepared exclusively for Inclusive, to meet operational and technical specifications suitable for offline-online connectivity.

As a MSN Partner, Inclusive will leverage the available .net technologies to develop the software applications for Inclusive.

All the databases of inclusive are hosted on MySQL, and Inclusive has entered into an agreement with Oracle for provision of support for database deployments.

SkyTrak provides the required elements for vehicle tracking using GPS based tracking devices that are deployed on each van for continuous monitoring and control

For mobile healthcare diagnostic solutions, backed by telemedicine consultation from central office in Hyderabad (discussions initiated)