Collection of reliable information in poorly connected regions has always been challenging. In the absence of reliable data, organizations struggle to undersand the needs of the market. For organizations that are already providing their products and services to such markets, it is a struggle to verify if the services provided reach the intended audience at the right time, and to assess the impact of the services rendered.

DatTab is a tablet-based tool that can be operated in remote and un-connected areas to collect data at the source. DatTab is highly configurable and can be used for the administration of a variety of surveys and other data collection exercises. Users can build their own questionnaires by creating and sequencing questions, including conditional node traversal and termination. It supports a wide variety of question-answer formats, including alpha-numeric, numeric, date, multiple choice, audio- and visual- data. The data thus collected can be uploaded to a central host server in synchronous or asynchronous mode, depending on connectivity. Data submissions from a number of field agents are then aggregated at the host server to generate comprehensive reports which summarize the data collected.

It comes bundled with geo-coding abilities, that helps survey administrators monitor the integrity of the data collection process.

The system also helps users to assign lists and tasks to field agents, and monitor their progress against tasks assigned.

It includes a comprehensive set of reports to understand productivity of field agents, assess data quality, ensure process integrity

It has been used for a variety of business applications such as assessing impact of

  • socio-economic programs
  • collection of KYC data
  • program feedback collection
  • enrolling members for programs
  • market opportunity surveys etc.
DatTab ensures superior data quality, collected at a significantly lower cost. It makes the process of data aggregation, warehousing and analytics more effective and efficient. DatTab is the right choice for businesses to reach out to remote and rural areas with electronic devices and collect information successfully.

Technology Platform
  • Application built using Java, SQLite3 for OS Android 4.0 and above for development on the Tablet
  • Platform built using Java EE (Struts 1.3), PHP and MySQL for Windows/Linux OS
  • Server configured with Apache/Tomcat 5.5 and MySQL 5.1 technology