World-on-Wheels is a multi-purpose-van based delivery mechanism. It aims at delivering a range of services to the poorly connected areas of Rural India by leveraging technology to reduce total cost of operations, while delivering enhanced operational control and process efficiency. This model offers services in multiple sectors such as Education, Financial Services, Agriculture and Healthcare. At the same time, the World-on-Wheels model provides a platform for informing and educating Rural Markets through the provision of multi-purpose audio-visual facilities that can be used by service providers to reach out to the target audience.

The World-on-Wheels is a one-stop shop for multiple services and is powered by
  • A Multi-functional workforce that can adapt and work on different modules interchangeably
  • Completely integrated facility with data being captured in (near) real-time through IT systems
  • Use of technology to achieve significant cost-effectiveness

The products and services offered are:
Sector Services/Products
Healthcare services
  • Medicines and Pharmaceuticals
  • Remote check-up
  • Public Health, Sanitation & Hygiene education
  • High-yielding variety Seeds
  • Fertilizers
  • Farm Equipment
  • Infomercials
Banking & Financial Services
  • Loan disbursal
  • Account opening
  • ATM (Cash withdrawal)
  • Bill payments
  • Collections
  • Tuition packs
  • Online/Video Tutorials
  • Infomercials