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Versatile customer satisfaction survey tool. Features include real-time status updates, negative alerts, audio recordings etc.
Know your customers’ perceptions in real time. When a customer survey is completed, the results are entered into a real-time web portal called SatisACTual™. SatisACTual also provides the capability to listen to the actual interview recording.Real-time status, notification and alerting are features of SatisACTual. SatisACTual provides a closed-loop capability for learning of customer issues, addressing them, and providing solutions. SatisACTual responses to surveys are searchable, downloadable and available 24/7.

SatisACTual can notify users when a response meets pre-set criteria, such as a low rating, a response from a key account, company, or a particular product. When the results fall within pre-set parameters, it can be used to escalate cases requiring attention by another level of management. Responding to the alert within a set time and resolving it will prevent the case from being escalated. Customer issues can be followed via SatisACTual, which includes a log for tracking and closing issues.

The traditional method of data collection is very tiring, time consuming and expensive. There is a need for effective data collection mechanism which leverages technology to produce authentic data and removes hassles involved in field data collection like excessive consumption of time, money spent on paper, lack tools measure authenticity of the data, lack of tools to eliminate errors etc.

A study from economic times indicates that “three out of every four Indian businesses plan to use tablets and mobile computing by 2012 end”. This signifies the demand and need for tablets and associated services in businesses. Dattab aptly targets this need and bridges the gap between the traditional methods of data aggregation and the desired real time information flow by companies.

Dattab simply means data on a tablet PC. It is a data-collection mechanism which leverages technology with its application encapsulated in a tablet PC. As a technology based product, Dattab offers a platform that can easily replace traditional method of data collection for a significantly lower cost and time. It revolutionizes the data aggregation, warehousing and analytics. In India where the internet penetration is hardly 10%, Dattab comes as a right choice for businesses to reach out to remote and rural areas with electronic devices and collect information successfully.

Infinity is a web-based, cloud hosted Loan Origination and Processing System.It provides support for the entire loan life cycle, including loan origination, disbursal and payment processing, and collections

Infinity has a tablet-based field module for effective management of field operations at a low cost.Configurable Loan Underwriting module (including credit bureau verification) – with both group and individual credit assessment

It is a Highly parametrized and scalable solution for both individual and group lending products covering critical functions such as audit, accounting, management & regulatory reporting, provisioning, prepayments and securitization.Infinity Provides :

  • Specialized modules for Group Lending and MFI Operations
  • Bulk customer enrollment, payments, and disbursal
  • Member and Meeting Management
  • Group creation and management, including Financial Inclusion training – CGT & GRT
  • Scale of Finance and Farm Income measurement

SERVQUAL aims to assist customers in improving their service delivery by using a sophisticated analytical tool to predict customer expectations & behavior through data-driven analysis.
SERVQUAL helps in calculating the score for expectation and perception statements using the questionnaire method. This helps in calculating the gap score for each parameter and has designed various methods of analyzing your customer satisfaction

OPTILOX – a unique software-based behavioral analytics model; which takes behavioral approach towards site selection & assists in sales maximization. Traditionally, site selection methods focus on using logistic or cost based approaches. OPTILOX is based on a design initially conceptualized by Arthur D. Little. We are the first and only company to provide this approach customized to the Indian retail needs.

OPTILOX is designed to help retail outlets select the optimal site location for their retail stores to get high customer footfalls to maximize profit with optimal space utilization and minimal costs. It relies on an in-house analytical tool that maps retail consumer behavior to the requirements of the retailer. It is ideally suited for premium showrooms, grocery shops, banks & ATM, pharmacy chains, entertainment center, concept retail, multi-format retail & coffee shops. For retailers looking to expand their business, OPTILOX presents a perfect solution for mapping customer behavior to their current retail stores whereas for new retail outlets, it also helps in identifying the ideal customer profile

It is a customer segmentation process that recognizes the cyclical nature of customer needs. CREST identifies customers with the greatest future revenue potential to help develop appropriate strategies that best serve the needs of this segment.

CREST also identifies the customers who generate the most value for your business and qualify for continued high-impact service offerings.

The segmentation exercise highlights value destroyers, customers who yield low margins, have limited future potential and demand disproportionately large maintenance resources. The sizing of these segments can be fine-tuned to meet channel capacities and serve best opportunities for customer outreach programs.

BNP Paribas Cardif has launched a startup competition to enhance its customer experience in order to provide cutting edge and tailor-made protection, and savings solutions, for its customers in regard of these Life Key Events.

TANDURUST (तन्दुरुस्त) is a full functional mobile application that collates health and wellness data for subscribers and their families in one place. TANDURUST has been developed keeping in mind the needs of very specific customer segments.

Over the last decade, there is an increasing presence of web-based communication that got integrated with rising penetration of social media. The influence of social media on consumer behaviour is becoming a very complex and challenging for any business enterprise. Recognizing this growing trend, we worked out a new product that helps customers understands the importance & role of social media on consumer behavior.

We have developed a tool, MEOW (Measuring Effectiveness of Online Wow) that helps in tracking on a continuous basis what people say about you, and the impact of this on your brand image. A company’s reputation is built over a long period with continuous improvement in products & services backed with timely delivery and service quality. DATAWISE understands the painstaking efforts taken to build this reputation and MEOW aims to bridge this gap by tracking consumer feedback and its impact on reputation.