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OPTILOX – a unique software-based behavioral analytics model; which takes behavioral approach towards site selection & assists in sales maximization. Traditionally, site selection methods focus on using logistic or cost based approaches. OPTILOX is based on a design initially conceptualized by Arthur D. Little. We are the first and only company to provide this approach customized to the Indian retail needs.

OPTILOX is designed to help retail outlets select the optimal site location for their retail stores to get high customer footfalls to maximize profit with optimal space utilization and minimal costs. It relies on an in-house analytical tool that maps retail consumer behavior to the requirements of the retailer. It is ideally suited for premium showrooms, grocery shops, banks & ATM, pharmacy chains, entertainment center, concept retail, multi-format retail & coffee shops. For retailers looking to expand their business, OPTILOX presents a perfect solution for mapping customer behavior to their current retail stores whereas for new retail outlets, it also helps in identifying the ideal customer profile