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  1. Infinity is a web-based, cloud hosted Loan Origination and Processing System
  2. Infinity provides support for the entire loan life cycle, including loan origination, disbursal and payment processing, and collections
  3. Infinity has a tablet-based field module for effective management of field operations at a low cost.
  4. Configurable Loan Underwriting module (including credit bureau verification) – with both group and individual credit assessment
  5. Highly parametrized and scalable solution for both individual and group lending products covering critical functions such as audit, accounting, management & regulatory reporting, provisioning, prepayments and securitization.
  6. Specialized modules for Group Lending and MFI Operations
  7. Bulk customer enrollment, payments, and disbursal
  8. Member and Meeting Management
  9. Group creation and management, including Financial Inclusion training – CGT & GRT
  10. Scale of Finance and Farm Income measurement
  1. Mobile-based module for field operations with Remote-location data capture and uplink facility
  2. Store-and-Forward facility on Field module for off-line use
  3. API interface for Field-to-Host communication
  4. API interface for CBS hand-off and integration
  5. Highly parameterized system with over 70 user-managed master tables
  6. Configurable user-security and access control management, with detailed audit trails. Maker-Checker dual control for key functions.
  7. Designed for smooth and efficient workflows – task assignment and tracking
  8. Comprehensive Report suite covering performance and control monitoring, with real-time dashboards for users to track Key Performance Indicators
  9. Configurable, Rules-driven Accounting
  10. Open Systems Architecture
  1. End-to-end solution covering customer acquisition, comprehensive loan processing, transaction management, reporting and integrated accounting. Coupled with built in audit, access control and security
  2. Low Total Cost of Operation – commodity desktop hardware with internet connection providing an integrated real-time solution with access controls and workflows built in for efficient access by all business entities with no delays in information flow
  3. Designed by industry experts and pioneers in the MFI industry with specialized focus on Financial Inclusion objectives
  4. Easy to customize due to modular design and robust technology stack
  5. Scalable solution built for institutions of all sizes
  6. No desktop software installation required: easy to setup and operationalize
  1. Prospect and potential enrollment. Tablet-based field module for data collection
  2. De-dupe engine and Credit Bureau checks
  3. Customer-Customer relationships and Guarantors
  4. Nomination and Appointees for insurance cover
  5. Contact Point Verification
  6. ID Proof and Address Proof capture
  7. PSL Classification
  8. Location Management
  9. New Customer Addition
  10. Hosting
  11. Bulk Customer Addition
  12. Customer 360° View
  1. Center Creation, splitting and merging
  2. Meeting Schedules and Attendance Recording. Tablet-based field module to facilitate data collection from meetings
  3. Business and Process Audits
  4. Financial Inclusion training: CGT / GRT
  5. Due Sheet Generation
  6. Bulk-processing for Disbursement, repayments and rescheduling
  7. Label Generation and Printing
  8. Holiday & Calendar maintenance
  1. Self-Help-Groups
  2. Joint Liability Groups
  3. Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
  4. Centre 360° View
  1. Centre Meetings
  2. Loan Disbursals & Repayments
  3. Centre Audit Checks
  4. Review and Authorization of Field Operations
  5. Robust dual-control processes for Disbursals and Payment collections through field module
  6. Disbursals are authorized from Host and assigned to individual Center Managers
  7. Customer’s KYC details must be matched before Field disbursals can be executed
  8. All payments received from Field module are reviewed and authorized before posting
  1. Configurable Loan Products
  2. Sourcing, Application Processing, and Disbursal
  3. Repayment, Pre-closure and collections
  4. Tablet-based field module for disbursal transactions and repayments
  5. Re-scheduling
  6. Delinquency and Write-off processing
  7. Funding Line Management and Securitization
  8. Insurance Claim Processing
  9. Integrated Accounting
  10. Loan Product Setup
  11. Loan Application Processing
  12. Configurable Workflow
  1. Configurable Underwriting Models – attached to Product
  2. Bureau integration for individual or batched Credit Profile Reports
  3. Each Application scored on Bureau, Income, Debt, Collateral, Insurance, Guarantor and Relationship dimensions
  4. Each Model prescribes weight of dimension, and minimum score required for approval
  5. System scores application and recommends action
  6. Authorized users can override system recommendation to approve declined applications
  7. Bureau Request Submission
  8. Bureau Response Review
  9. Bureau Response Review-Customer level
  10. Application Scoring
  11. Store-and-forward mode
  1. Cash / Accrual accounting & Cost Center Accounting
  2. Customizable Chart of Accounts
  3. Customizable & Flexible Accounting Rules
  4. Detailed Flow Records
  5. Trial Balance, Day Book and Cash Summary & Projections
  6. Manual Entries
  7. Multi-branch / entities accounting
  8. Integration with Tally
  9. Ready to print, or Export
  1. “At-a-glance” Dashboard
  2. Consolidated reports at Branch / Company level
  3. Management Reporting
  4. Key Statistical Summaries
  5. Operational Reports
  6. Financial Reports
  7. Regulatory Reports
  8. Ready to print, or Export
  1. Document Types – for ID, Address, Income proofs and collateral deeds
  2. Fee Lines – fixed/variable, min/max, rate and base, charging frequency
  3. Third parties – Credit Bureaus, Valuators, Lawyers, Clearing House, Collection Agencies, Funders – with auto-connect parameters; Vostro Bank branches
  4. Funding – Funders, Funding Lines and Tranches
  5. Organization structure and hierarchy
  6. Customer & demographics – prefixes, languages, education level, PSL categories, occupation, designations, Self-Help group types
  7. Geography – States, Districts, Panchayats and PIN Codes
  8. Technology Stack
  1. Application origination and Instant Decisioning on Field module
  2. Integration with CERSAI for One-KYC and Collateral Registry verification.
  3. Aadhaar based direct bank transfer facilities for disbursal and repayment transactions
  4. Customer self-service module
  5. Enrich Credit Risk scoring and application decisioning engine. Integration with existing scoring systems for instant loan approval and disbursal
  6. Collections support – Risk based targeting, Day 0, Past Due and Recoveries
  7. Integrated data warehousing and analytical capabilities

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