Infinity-Core MicroFinance & Banking Software |

Functional Capabilities

• Infinity is a web-based, cloud hosted Loan Origination and Processing System
• Infinity provides support for the entire loan life cycle, including loan origination, disbursal and payment
processing, and collections
• Infinity has a tablet-based field module for effective management of field operations at a low cost.
• Configurable Loan Underwriting module (including credit bureau verification) – with both group and individual
credit assessment
• Highly parametrized and scalable solution for both individual and group lending products covering critical
functions such as audit, accounting, management & regulatory reporting, provisioning, prepayments and
• Specialized modules for Group Lending and MFI Operations
• Bulk customer enrollment, payments, and disbursal
• Member and Meeting Management
• Group creation and management, including Financial Inclusion training – CGT & GRT
• Scale of Finance and Farm Income measurement

Design Element

• Mobile-based module for field operations with Remote-location data capture and uplink facility
• Store-and-Forward facility on Field module for off-line use
• API interface for Field-to-Host communication
• API interface for CBS hand-off and integration
• Highly parameterized system with over 70 user-managed master tables
• Configurable user-security and access control management, with detailed audit trails. Maker-Checker dual control for key functions.
• Designed for smooth and efficient workflows – task assignment and tracking
• Comprehensive Report suite covering performance and control monitoring, with real-time dashboards for users to track Key Performance Indicators
• Configurable, Rules-driven Accounting
• Open Systems Architecture

Infinity Advantage

• End-to-end solution covering customer acquisition, comprehensive loan processing, transaction management, reporting and integrated accounting. Coupled with built in audit, access control and security
• Low Total Cost of Operation – commodity desktop hardware with internet connection providing an integrated real-time solution with access controls and workflows built in for efficient access by all business entities with no delays in information flow
• Designed by industry experts and pioneers in the MFI industry with specialized focus on Financial Inclusion objectives
• Easy to customize due to modular design and robust technology stack
• Scalable solution built for institutions of all sizes
• No desktop software installation required: easy to setup and operationalize

Customer Sourcing

• Prospect and potential enrollment. Tablet-based field module for data collection
• De-dupe engine and Credit Bureau checks
• Customer-Customer relationships and Guarantors
• Nomination and Appointees for insurance cover
• Contact Point Verification
• ID Proof and Address Proof capture
• PSL Classification
• Location Management
• New Customer Addition
• Host
• Bulk Customer Addition
• Customer 360° View

Center Operations

• Center Creation, splitting and merging
• Meeting Schedules and Attendance Recording. Tablet-based field module to facilitate data collection from meetings
• Business and Process Audits
• Financial Inclusion training: CGT / GRT
• Due Sheet Generation
• Bulk-processing for Disbursement, repayments and rescheduling
• Label Generation and Printing
• Holiday & Calendar maintenance

Centre Management

• Self-Help-Groups
• Joint Liability Groups
• Primary Agricultural Credit Societies
• Centre 360° View

Field Module

• Centre Meetings
• Loan Disbursals & Repayments
• Centre Audit Checks
• Review and Authorization of Field Operations
• Robust dual-control processes for Disbursals and Payment collections through field module
• Disbursals are authorized from Host and assigned to individual Center Managers
• Customer’s KYC details must be matched before Field disbursals can be executed
• All payments received from Field module are reviewed and authorized before posting

Loan Management

• Configurable Loan Products
• Sourcing, Application Processing, and Disbursal
• Repayment, Pre-closure and collections
• Tablet-based field module for disbursal transactions and repayments
• Re-scheduling
• Delinquency and Write-off processing
• Funding Line Management and Securitization
• Insurance Claim Processing
• Integrated Accounting
• Loan Product Setup
• Loan Application Processing
• Configurable Workflow

Underwriting Module

• Configurable Underwriting Models – attached to Product
• Bureau integration for individual or batched Credit Profile Reports
• Each Application scored on Bureau, Income, Debt, Collateral, Insurance, Guarantor and Relationship dimensions
• Each Model prescribes weight of dimension, and minimum score required for approval
• System scores application and recommends action
• Authorized users can override system recommendation to approve declined applications
• Bureau Request Submission
• Bureau Response Review
• Bureau Response Review-Customer level
• Application Scoring
• Store-and-forward mode


• Cash / Accrual accounting & Cost Center Accounting
• Customizable Chart of Accounts
• Customizable & Flexible Accounting Rules
• Detailed Flow Records
• Trial Balance, Day Book and Cash Summary & Projections
• Manual Entries
• Multi-branch / entities accounting
• Integration with Tally
• Ready to print, or Export


• “At-a-glance” Dashboard
• Consolidated reports at Branch / Company level
• Management Reporting
• Key Statistical Summaries
• Operational Reports
• Financial Reports
• Regulatory Reports
• Ready to print, or Export

Configuration & Master Tables

• Document Types – for ID, Address, Income proofs and collateral deeds
• Fee Lines – fixed/variable, min/max, rate and base, charging frequency
• Third parties – Credit Bureaus, Valuators, Lawyers, Clearing House, Collection Agencies, Funders – with auto-connect parameters; Vostro Bank branches
• Funding – Funders, Funding Lines and Tranches
• Organization structure and hierarchy
• Customer & demographics – prefixes, languages, education level, PSL categories, occupation, designations, Self-Help group types
• Geography – States, Districts, Panchayats and PIN Codes
Technology Stack

Future Roadmap

• Application origination and Instant Decisioning on Field module
• Integration with CERSAI for One-KYC and Collateral Registry verification.
• Aadhaar based direct bank transfer facilities for disbursal and repayment transactions
• Customer self-service module
• Enrich Credit Risk scoring and application decisioning engine. Integration with existing scoring systems for instant loan approval and disbursal
• Collections support – Risk based targeting, Day 0, Past Due and Recoveries
• Integrated data warehousing and analytical capabilities