Access to proper financial services plays a vital role in rural economic growth. Of the nearly 500 million households in India, only 29% have a bank account. Rural households account for 68% of households, but Rural branches are only 29% of all branches, and account for only 7% of deposits and less than 6% of all credit in India.
  • We provide account opening services, including e-KYC and electronic document collection. The data is gathered by field agents using tablet devices and then uploaded to the host systems in synchronous or asynchronous mode.
  • We also provide services for loan origination and servicing from disbursal to collections - for individuals, JLGs and SHGs. This includes collateralized loans, with electronic data collection.
  • We conduct financial literacy programs directed at people who are not conversant with financial products and their usage, to ensure that accounts that are opened are used actively.
  • We enable customers to enroll their accounts for Direct Benefits Transfer schemes, as appropriate.
  • We also provide cash deposit and withdrawal services so that people can operate their accounts.
  • We provide bill collection services, enabling customers in distant locations to make payments towards their loans, utility bills, micro-pension and insurance obligations
  • We enable customers to register themselves for electronic bill payment services in order to minimize the need for cash withdrawal.