Inclusive Services and Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Datawise Management Services, a 10 year old company specializing in Business Consulting, Analytics and Outsourcing.

Inclusive Services and Technologies specializes in delivery of essential services to Rural Markets under-served by traditional distribution channels, leveraging technology to reduce total cost of operations. We provide both software products as well as a platform to enable the efficient delivery of a range of services to poorly connected rural areas. We are service enablers, not service providers. We enable your services to be more efficient by integrating them with our technologies.

Per capita expenditure levels for rural India are 54% of that of per capita expenditure levels for urban India. On the other hand, net per capita domestic product for rural India is 35% of the equivalent measure for urban India. In rural India, food expenditure is closer to 50% of all spending, whereas food expenditure is closer to 40% for urban India. In other words, there is lower wealth creation, lower disposable income and lower discretionary spending in rural India, accentuating the difference in prosperity levels between rural and urban India. Part of the reason for this is that urban India has always enjoyed a wider choice of products and services, primarily because the distribution costs of service providers are lower in urban concentrations, in addition to which the cost is distributed over a large population benefits which do not accrue to the citizens of rural India.

Inclusive Services and Technologies uses simple yet effective technology based solutions to meet the needs of Rural Markets that cannot be efficiently serviced by traditional distribution channels. Building such a service delivery network catering to the rural markets would accelerate the growth of the Rural economy on the whole and bridge the Rural-Urban divide.

We have products to offer services to manage day-to-day data and record transaction and client data in remote locations and synchronize with host systems on an immediate or periodic basis. We provide support for diverse services in the field of Financial Services, Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, and e-Governance to service the needs of remote rural populations using our technology.

Our Mission
To provide Last Mile Connectivity to the farthest reaches of customers in order to Deliver Services for Inclusive Growth, leveraging technology to improve operational control and reduce total cost of operation

Our Vision
To deliver inclusive services to 600 villages covering a population of five million rural residents over the next decade

Value Proposition
Provide a one stop solution for all IT needs of BFSI sector, especially addressing the retail financial services industry through our proven products and services.